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15 October 2011 @ 08:31 pm
Currently playing Okashi na Kuni no Peter Pan, and I must say, I love it. As far as it goes, the characters aren't as... Crazy bloodthirsty like Alice's, but still close lol. Nevertheless, cleared up Hook just today, and even if I have absolutely no interest in pirates which is an abnormality for a fangirl ROTFL Hook's route is so damn fun. xD I actually love every single characters, from the clockodile-con Scissor, the ever so annoyingly childish Peter and even Tinker Bell, the biatch~ 

As per QR games, expect lots of deconstructing your Neverland, lol. So because boredom is definitely worse than death... Okay, I get it, poor Hook lol

As for Wendy, it depends on one's view, but I actually understood her more than Alice xD Must be her sisterly and my siscon tendency acting up behaviour. I can't dislike someone who have strong will (-but-kinda-broken-in-the-inside) heroine type~ At least much better than someone who goes daydreaming in the middle of nearly being stabbed or definite loser in bitching competition~ *glances at 45% of oto**** games ;3*

Preorder expectation when the preorder arrangement comes out (^q^):

Netting Money Companies is EVIL.Collapse )
14 June 2011 @ 08:03 pm
But I suppose 1 week of waiting is better when you have exams *shot self* Screw the customs--Aussie is definitely a holiday partiers. >x

New Infos:

> New BL Game Si.Nis.Kanto information and (at last) graphic. Nice eyecandy design, though my eyes was drolling at the main (LSBGASP. 'Dat scar...! *Stares at screen*). The background sceneries are also great 8Db Expectation for the game is getting better now!


> New R-18 Game 君がため、恋し乱れし月の華 from すとれーと. Drama CD fans might know this maker from Yandere Tengoku drama CD ^^;; From the image only, kunoichi main girl in ancient era (Sengoku? 8Db) setting. Lazeass in reading this as I am 5x a BL fan *KIRA*

> New R-18 Game from Mirai, Persona. Rip off from Phantom of the Opera. Too lazy to look at that unless it is half completed already '3'

> Not much info for Lucky Happy Life >3< Ah well, I know I'm gonna suck at the play system anyway, so I'll just bang my head when it is released :P

> Eros... LOL Where is the "Eros" DMMd? wwwww I see the rough, uncoloured bits, but dammmiiiiiiiiiiiit, need more to judge that. And Aoba moe, natch. <3 The new CG with Clear is lolwut. Asato no. 2 spotted! ;D

> I'm scared of Hadaka Shitsuji, but just from glancing (... Sob my otomegokoro <- This is a big lie) the pages, it's just summary of the infos of HS up until now in Cool-B ^_^

Shingakkou SS (Pandora no Hako/Pandora's Box): SOB SOB AUGUST why are you so twisted?! ;_; Great read for knowing why August was acting that way in the game. Or at least know how much he (kinda) treasure Michael. *Procures new Cool-B if there is anything for Shingakkou again*

... IKR, I am a big, useless fan of Shingakkou /sob/ Though the fact that the Japanese was on the same wavelength with me makes me a happy fangirl xD

Omerta SSes (2) (ToudouxJJ, gangs (KC&DH) members&JJ GAG): Haven't read this, but I soooooo want to read both too xD Especially the latter gag one, I suspect I will go pffft again just like the baseball SS from the clear game omakes xD

Tsubasa no Oka SS Pinup: WOW WHAT PRETTY ART. Eh? The contents? IDK. Not interested teh he!

BeniIro tenjou SS: Putting this on backlog to read since I totally forgot about the game (oi).

Lulz footnote: Something New, Something Old, Something... Borruned. WTF QR, that's not even Engrish lol. And to think the marriage blessing phrase got hacked like this... XD Ah well, pretty arts are my joy here \^o^/


Finally got my AAA (YES FINALLY. /goes lsb now). Joy joy ho for my Haccawork fangirl side, and Cool-B gave the kouryaku too yosh! \o/

And Sagano... Is... A... Tsundere...?!!!! *q*~

Will be go play this all night long, then ChouHana (<3). Won't be playing Akazukin until the end of the month though, due to shipping it with Mother Goose x)
27 May 2011 @ 09:16 pm
... Seriously Cool-B, I am rather impressed your Messe Sanoh's tokuten is.. Racily sweet that I fear that I have to hide that when it comes to my door (along with AkaAka and ChouHana games) or my mom and dad who is coming over this week to my place will have a heart attack and die on the spot ;w;

But still, the contentssssss---- The SS------!! (*A*)

/Taps feet in utter fangirling gasms.
25 May 2011 @ 10:05 pm
How Aka ya Ayakashi no ry) have gotten its mail order date really caught me off guard. And it's only 5 days left :@ :@ :@

(Yeah, I thought they have sold it in the last SuperComi, but I didn't think that it really was sold then lol, I haven't checked the circle's HP xD)
21 May 2011 @ 02:07 am
It's official, my P2P (or P2: tsumi) really hates me lol. I have retried this game 3 times orz

Case 1: My PSP fritzed on me without warning. CURSE YOU. (In the middle of exploring Seven Sisters HS--w/o the demons)

Case 2: Got killed off in Sumaru theater with the request from Nanashi (FFFFF Lv 70 vs Lv 5? Of course that was OHK lol). AND MY TOTALLY FOOLISH SELF FORGOT TO SAVE THE GAME ;A; So dumb ffs, I know. ;_;

Case 3: PSP got dropped off when talking to Eikichi. And the battery really chose that time to get loose. Cue a futile scream when my cousin (male) laugh at my demise.

So yeah, I'm on the verge of rage-quitting this one because of the-world-hating-on-me problems lol And it's really hard to continue when the battle system was... Really laggy, or more like the loading time is geh. I mean, really, it's very slow lol, and basically in every 10 steps, a battle occur. Add the math, and you will know how wrong the battle system rubs me. High encounter rate+Long-ass loading gap, even with install data= ;;(v-v)

Kinda get sad when I have to say this, but P2P was basically a... Not really a good product. ;;
Pirates of Caribbean 4 was really fun~! Johnny Depp = <3 <3 <3 LOLing a lot in there--and the fights are all incredible!

... Okay, it's time to go serious with my studies, enough with all of these short escaping from reality moment. c(TToTT)c


6/4発売の「Cool-B 7月号」さんに、

... Thank God I decided to subscribe to Cool-B with one of my proxy LOL. xD

Random thoughts of the day: So Squeenix netted OnoD and Kamiyan in the same game, being main characters (... Err, as main as possible, knowing Ace is gonna be the main of the main heh) to boot? *Referring to Type-0/AGITO* Squee time!
19 May 2011 @ 04:04 am
/ I was a bit wary for putting this news before I have any materials that shows the work, but... It seems that B's Log has put up (very minute) information about it in the magazine. Unfortunately, I'm not subscribing to B's Log (Taking Cool-B anytime kthx. B's Log was too... Pink Otome and way too much Hakuoki for me haha.) so I actually don't have the full information at the moment. Perhaps next month's Cool-B will have some info for this. /

From Super Comi event (early May) this year, a certain flyer announced this info.

New BL game Brand: Ands

Their first work is titled 「シニスカント」 -至上のソラ-. Siniskanto itself was translated into "真に空の天". (Referring to official site) For now, all I can scrape off from little infos is that it will be set in a solitary island, and the boys there will want to depart into adventure/get out of the island. Sounds pretty Adventure-type of plot...?

More info will be revealed at Summer Comiket (August).

Personal Thought: I am a bit wary over new companies even though Yamada Sakurako IS one of popular doujinka (err, well, in おっさんタイプ circles... She actually is more popular with her Sengoku Musou/Dynasty Warriors doujins.) As far as I can see, her style is really not mainstream of BLge, that is uh, a bit too 'manga-ish'. Her works really looks like Suzuki Tsuta's for reference. But then, I thought the same when Omerta's illustrator was announced, and the CGs were actually delicious haha.

There is just too little information for this brand at the moment, but the way they strike by hiring a popular doujinka... Kinda stinks as "marketing overhype" product :v I dunno, the BL fandom in Japan seems not yet to catch up on this yet, but at least they have netted some fans who are waiting for how this will be produced.
お菓子な島のピーターパン got changed to PSP from PC for the platform. (Note: "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" ← Some of the fans reactions.)

The release date and full seiyuus got announced too (From the latest B'S log, according to reliable 2ch informant, its フラゲ confirmed)

PC→PSPにハード変更 9/22発売予定 5985円(豪華版8925円)



Holy, Akira Ishida, MikiShin, Yusakko, TachiShin, Okiayu and Sugiyama Noriaki...? Wallet, cry with me, PLEASE. ;A;

>>QR is also porting Crimson Empire to PSP, release on August this year.

Also on unrelated to QR but totally a left field attack, Kannou Mukashibanashi, originally a drama CD series from 5pb... Got a PSP ADV game adaptation. Yeap, it's Otomate (Or more like, IF).

【10月】[PSP] アイディアファクトリー「官能昔話ポータブル」6,090円

Me: WTF. First Alice?, then this? -A-;; IF is scaring me with the whole "oh let's just FFS adapt popular drama CDs into an ADV game, to show that we can make a good plot indeed!". I rather like the original but... Hmm. ;;

Source: Full source is from 2ch, but I'm not gonna link that. Instead, digested info from a Chinese blog and Other blog that rec the certain 2ch infos. PSP port for Crimson Empire comes from this blog (which is again, actually a B's log information). Full digest of the info is here. (New games announced here = 3 -actually Mirai's new game that got inspired (read: ripping off) from Phantom of the Opera was already on Cool-B last month, but w/e!)

... Yeah. Essentially, those who do not have PSP or hoped to use AGTH for this will be wailing ^^;; Otoge has been moving to PSP lately, haha.

/Meanwhile herself is still waiting for an FD announcement for Omerta and Shingakkou. WILL NOT TOUCH HADAKA SHITSUJI. EVER. あへ顔=Screw that. 

Hoho finally get my package since I ordered them a month ago~ List of mangas that I certainly just go LOLTRY:

- Natsume Isaku's 飴色パラドックス 1 (YESSSSS, they are continuing this!)
- Jyunko's スターライクワーズ

Got Sekaiichi Hatsukoi vol 5 and the vol 4 novel! (Yeah, I love the ChiakixHattori pairing, especially on vol 3 XD I'm glad Yuu is still around in the latter volumes too \^o^/) Also <3 with newest JR book and Sakuraga Mei's Warui series <3

Oh Natsume Isaku, how the heck did you make me go ぅぷぷ(:.´艸`:.) whenever I read your book, especially your ケンカップル? 飴色パラドックス is such a sweetly hilarious book that I couldn't help but GRIN GRIN GRIN AND GRIN in every chapters~

SUMMARY IN JAPANESE (aka how Nat is totally not doing her translation work.)

週刊誌記者の尾上は、異動先の張り込み班でカメラ担当の同期・蕪木とコンビを組むことになる。密かにライバル視していた相手である上、スクープのためなら 手段を選ばない蕪木のやり方が正義感の強い尾上には納得できず、最初は衝突ばかり。けれど共に事件を追ううちにお互いが気になり始め……? 話題のケン カップル登場!
(From cover summary)

Basically: Magazine journal in-office reporter Onoe got transferred to stakeout section, got grouped with his one-sided-rivalry-slash-girlfriend-snatcher-(misunderstandings-in-a-way) cameraman Kaburagi, and basically spent his time arguing and colliding with said proclaimed rival up to the point he consider rage-quitting in not more than 30 pages.

... And of course he end up wanting to know more about said, proclaimed, rival, goes on noticing his own feeling and then full tsun route by chapter 3. Yeah, Onoe like you were obviously not getting too obsessed with him, monitoring his little actions and how you were blushing when he got too near to your personal space ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

Add the TSUNTSUNTSUNdere+hetare+otome+hardheaded+WAY TOO WEAK PHYSICALLY uke with 男前 w/ girls+Kuudere+frank+hardheaded yet actually a really kind seme in the mix of ケンカップル, and sweetness will be abound. やっぱりイサク先生のツンデレは元々いいですがあれほど先生の超ツンデレは面白かった萌え死ぬでしょうねえええ~~(ノ∀`) きゃは!

The highlight of the work comes from how expressive the characters are! Onoe's facial expressions and body movement are just hilarious and ROFL inducing moment that it's really hard not to like him, even though he is a bit too noisy and all when he goes TSUN! And his blush, natch, is the driving factor of why this book is so grin-inducing haha~ He is really one of those tsundere uke that really feels like a 'tsundere' that it's just so much fun seeing him flustered and Kaburagi just go dumbfounded and simply said, got bitten by his dere part XD I just have to love how these two bitch at each other out before going full デレ|ムラッ XD

Will be reading this again and with more concentration once exam period is over, there is sooooo much to look forward for the simple yet amusing relationship in this newest Isaku-sensei's work~ Onoe, LOVE. <3 <3 <3

P.S: @The drama CD (OH LOL DEAR+ YOU. SO FAST FFS 8D), Kondou Takashi voices Onoe. How amusing that I actually think Onoe is the 10x cuter (read:Tsun-er) version of Ritsu! XD;; Maeno Tomoaki voices Kaburagi. Good enough 'w'/

... The Sekaiichi Hatsukoi fangirl in me is still loling over the fact this means YukinaxRitsu pairing lmao
15 May 2011 @ 11:48 pm
... Holy crap, Zettai Meikyuu Grim DC tokutens are so wwwwwwwwwwwww (*笑*)

DC Shop tokuten lists and summary

I probably loled so much with the Grim Hot Spring and Grim Private School LOOOOOOOOL SO. TEMPTINGGGGG. Especially the Private School one. With Ibara Hime as the main character and Ibara Ouji as the teacher. R.O.T.F.L Siscon teacher, GOTCHA

Bwuh, now to decide to cancel my order from Amazon and go for the Messe or Animate ones or save my money... Hopefullysomeonewilluploadthesetokutensincertainplace *cough* ;_;
08 May 2011 @ 11:54 pm
Yeah, remake the effing game in one year; and yeah Inno you got thousand of complaints about the animu-style CGs.

*Raises middle finger over Broccoli*

I know this is late, but I'm soooooo butthurt over this that I swore off my SS playthrough haha 8D;;; I mean, the even CGs are way waaaaaaaay prettier with Repeat style (which is SS and AA's style), compared to the bland, so effing bland animu CG. Darn it, so much for my poor money getting wasted for the original... TT_TT

Ah well, I'll just go find the ISO in the net when it comes out and make some of the CGs into my iTouch wallpaper, complete with "loltroll" text. Damn you cash cow! <- Totally doesn't have the intention to buy Repeat, obviously (← 失礼すぎ)

On another note, a sequel for this...? If Kurahana-sensei is still onboard, I'm going to buy it. >_O